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The Green Lake Property Owners meeting was called to order by Chairperson, J. Duininck on Saturday, 8:00 a. m., 25 April 2015.

Members present: W. Dahlen, G. Holmstrom, T. Johnson, S. Linder, H. Lange, S. Lykken, and. T. Frazee

Absent: E. Roberts, B. Schweitzer, V. Secher, and B. Schemel.

There were no guests present at the meeting.

The minutes of the regular meeting of 20 September 2015, were approved by T. Johnson second by S. Lykken. Motion carried.

Treasurer T. Johnson presented the report for the month of March, 2015.

There has been a carry-over fund of $15.60 in the ZAP THE ZEBRA MUSSELS ACCOUNT. The

Motion by G. Holmstrom, seconded by H. Lange to approve the treasurer’s report plus transfer the

$15.60 to the A.I.S. Motion carried.


  1. Chairperson J. Duininck reported a thank you note from the New London Fire Department for the donation of $2,000.00 to purchase a rescue boat if someone goes in the water during thin ice season.

  2. Chairperson J. Duininck read a flyer from a company stating any work completed on Green Lake Property by the owners a percentage of the bill will be returned to the GLPOA. The Board decided not to suggest any outside company for work with the GLPOA. People will select their own choice for workers.

  3. T. Frazee reported that a grant of $1,000.00 for the use of treatment for Eurasian Water Milfoil has been approved by the State of Minnesota D.N.R.



Discussion was held about changing the name of the Green Lake Property Owners Association to Green Lake Association. This was discussed at the Annual Meeting of 2014 asking that the name Remain as the GREEN LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION.

Discussion was held about SINGLE SORT GARAGE. T. Frazee was asked to visit with the County about this, to report at the May Board Meeting.

S. Lykken discussed with the Board of the selling of shirts, polo’s with emblem of Green Lake on the same. S. Lykken asked the Board for monies to print out old pictures in/around Green Lake. The Board gave S. Lykken permission to study this, also present information within the Green Lake Breeze Annual newsletter.


T. Frazee presented information to the GLPOA of the Kandiyohi County Task Force for Green Lake of 2015. Frazee stated that Green Lake will have full time inspectors, eight hours per day, at the Saulsbury Beach and County Park # 5. A Park Time inspector will be located at Russ Brown Access. The Green Lake Property Owners Power Washing equipment will be set up for Boat washing seven days per week beginning 23 May 2015. The State of Minnesota will have a unit on 30 April at Saulsbury Park. Car Counters will be located at Saulsbury Access, Green Lake Access, Irving Township Access, and County Park #5 Access. The Russ Brown access will have a Sentry Unit which will video all boats entering Green Lake.

The GLPOA will partner with the City of Spicer, Middle Fork Crow River, and the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s office this winter. The DNR will provide Level 1 hours for 82 at Saulsbury Beach with Level Two hours being 644. At County Park 5 level one hours will be 55 with Level 2 hours being 322. The Kandiyohi County AIS project will have full time hours at Saulsbury Beach and County Park # 5.

The 2015 Green Lake Property Owners Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, 20 June 2015, with a full breakfast beginning at 8:00 a. m. The Annual Meeting will begin at 9:00 a. m.

The Board asked T. Frazee to secure B. Kleven, GLPOA’s Lobbyist, and Dave Paulson, Kandiyohi County Task Force Director to share the Speaking at the annual meeting.

Board members whose terms are up are J. Duininck (City of Spicer), Val Sechler (City of Spicer), B. Schemel (who has resigned), G. Holmstrom (Green Lake Township) and S. Linder (Irving Township).

S. Linder and G. Holmstrom stated they would run for the second of their three year terms. Any other persons interested, please contact a Board member or T. Frazee

Motion by S. Linder, seconded by H. Lange to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.