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Saturday, 20 September 2014
Heritage Bank Meeting Room

The Green Lake Property Owners meetings was called to order by Vice Chairperson B. Schweitzer, at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, 20 September 2014.

Members present: W. Dahlen, G. Holmstrom, T. Johnson, S. Linder, H. Lange, S. Lykken, E. Roberts, B. Schweitzer, V. Sechler, and T. Frazee.

Absent with call: J. Duininck and B. Schemel.

Guest present was Jan Ruby from the Indian Beach Harbor Association.

The minutes of the Saturday, 16 August 2014 meeting was motioned for approval by T. Johnson, seconded by H. Lange. Motion carried.

Financial Secretary, T. Johnson presented the financial report of August 2014. Motion by S. Linder, seconded by S. Lykken, showing the fund balance for August 2014.



The Secretary did not have any correspondence to move.





W. Dahlen made contact with web master K. Onnen about the changes of the Green Lake Breeze going from Paper Copy to Digital. K. Onnen walked the board through “possible” changes in the program. People will go the Green Lake web page, beginning in 2015 to sign up for the Green Lake Breeze either as digital or receive paper copy as they have in the past. The Board agreed that people will be able to sign up for digital plus the paper copy. Discussion was held about payment for dues, patrol, pass thru Programs of AIS and Fishing Fund. When families sign up, on the computer, they will be able to list more than one home on Green Lake. They will have the dues of $100.00 listed to begin, than by checking for patrol, AIS, and/or Fishing will the total come forth. Payment for programs will be process through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with your debit or credit card. If you wish to pay with your bank account through Pay Pal, you will need to set up a free PayPal account.

Depending on the delivery method selected, you can have the Green Lake Breeze paper copy mailed to you, a digital .PDF version sent to your email address, or both a paper and digital newsletter sent to you. If you lose your paper copy, you can always go to to read the digital .PDF newsletter.

This program will go into effect with June 2015 year.

Discussion was held between Board Members and Harvey Lange and Jan Ruby of the Indian Beach Association. Discussion about the GLPOA assisting in the clean out of the entry to the lagoon was held. Twenty of the twenty two families living in Indian Beach Harbor are members of the Green Lake Property Owners Association. Motion by T. Johnson, seconded by S. Lykken to authorize $2,000.00 to their membership to assist in cleaning the channel. Motion carried.

T. Frazee presented information to the Board about the Kandiyohi County Task force of which the County received monies for the fighting of A.I.S. programs. From the period of 01 July to 31 December 2014, Kandiyohi County has received $126,000. The program than will be for two years of which the county will received $256,000. Frazee stated the program is moving slow.



T. Frazee offered Mr. Mike Behm to be in charge of the Patrol program for 2014-15 year. The patrol program will begin on 01 October 2014, with signs being placed on the property showing the families are members of the Green Lake Property Patrol. Places will be checked with cards mailed to the owners twice a month. Mr. Behm has been authorized to contact the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s office if he notices any type of vandalism. The Green Lake Property Owners Board will have a reward of $500.00 to be paid for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of any person(s) breaking into the buildings, guilty of theft or the destruction of any property on the premises. Motion by G. Holmstrom, seconded by Harvey L. for the employment of Mike Behm for $2,500.00 Motion carried.

B. Schweitzer reported to the Board that President J. Duininck has discussed retaining B. Kleven on a retainer basis for the Green Lake Property Owners Association during the coming year for $5,000.00. Motion by G. Holmstrom, seconded by W. Dahlen to retain Mr. Kleven. Motion carried.

The Board discussed donations to organizations to end the summer season. Motion by H. Lange, seconded by S. Linder for donations to the following: Green Lake Bible Camp - $200.00, Spicer

First Responders - $500.00, and the Spicer Fire Department for $500.00. Motion carried.

G. Holmstrom asked for the program of ONE SORT be placed on the agenda for the April meeting.

S. Linder will discuss the same with Larry Kleindl and the Kandiyohi County Board about the program.

Motion to Adjourn.