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Saturday, 16 August 2014
Heritage Bank Meeting Room

The Green Lake Property Owners meeting was called to order by Chairperson J. Duininck at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, 16 August 2014.

Members present were W. Dahlen, G. Holmstrom, T. Johnson, S. Linder, B. Schweitzer, V. Sechlar, H. Lange, S. Lykken, and T. Frazee.

Absent with a call was B. Schemel.

Absent from the meeting was E. Roberts.

Guest present was Jan Ruby from the Indian Beach Harbor Association.

The minutes for the Saturday, 19 July 2014 meeting were approved by a motion of S. Linder, seconded by B. Schweitzer. Motion carried.

Financial Secretary, T. Johnson presented the financial report of July 2014. motion by G. Holmstrom, seconded by S. Linder. Motion carried.


Board Member H. Lange introduced J. Ruby who is a member of the Indian Beach Harbor Home Owners Association. H. Lange and J. Ruby presented history of the sand forming in the Indian Beach channel which prevents boats from coming in and out to Green Lake. The winds of the northwest bring the sand to the opening of the channel preventing moving any boats. Their organization has funded the clean out of the sand each summer. Total cost to open the channel has been near $8000.00 per year, which will last for two to three years depending upon the winds. They have purchased/rented a machine to move the sand. At first they were able to place sand on other lakes, but due to the problems of "aquatic invasive species" that is not permitted. They have receive permits from the Minnesota DNR to keep the channel open, by removing the sand. Have rented/purchased equipment for this project. The DNR assisted them when they found dead fish within the Harbor which had suffocated due to lack of oxygen last winter. The group is asking for financial assistance to keep the channel open as they stated it is part of Green Lake which they are members of the Green Lake Property Association. The Board asked questions regarding clearing the sand, moving the same, etc. This will be placed on the agenda for the September meeting as the Board wishes to get additional information.


  • Caterpillar: W. Dahlen asked the Board if it was their wishes to study the spraying for 2015, or spray every other year. W. Dahlen stated that all Board Members received information from the committee to read. He suggested we re-read the material, study the same, then to discuss it at the September meeting. The Board agreed to do the same.
  • Education/Web Page: The web page,, is changed, added to, or modified each  month. The Board asks the readers to take advantage of the same.
  • Lake Management: B. Schweitzer reported for B. Schemel, who was absent from the meeting. It was discussed that "maybe" we could find a 3rd party to treat Green Lake rather than a member of the GLPOA. It was discussed the purchase of the pontoon, plus the GPS service which B. Schemel has worked with. It is an outstanding workmanship which he has completed.

    Discussion was held about having a complete study of Green Lake to see where the Eurasian Water Milfoil is growing/spreading. T. Frazee stated he visited with C. Welling, of the Minnesota DNR, about companies which will map the lake. He also visited with N. Brown about the mapping of Green Lake to study the Milfoil within. N. Brown stated he would do a complete comprehensive study of the milfoil within Green Lake before the ice comes forward this year.

    Milfoil treatment/program will be discussed further at the September Board meeting.
  • Sewer and Water: H. Lange reported that Public Works Director G. Danielson and the Chairperson of the Green Lake Sanitary Sewer System will both retire by the end of the year. The Board of Directors of Kandiyohi County are accepting applications for these two positions. They will be missed along with their knowledge of the total program.

    It was reported that the Diamond Lake Sewer project, which is only three (3) years old, is having problems with connections.


T. Frazee reported that an additional number of people have responded to the "Second Notice" of asking for dues for the 2014-2015 year. A total of 532 families have joined for this year. This is 65.6% of the possible membership. The Board asked T. Frazee to send out another membership statement for Green Lake.

Discussion was held about changing the delivery of the GREEN LAKE BREEZE each month. Beginning with June 2015, the Board wishes to allow all members the choice of receiving THE BREEZE either electronic or hard copy (paper) as it has been in the past. K. Onnen, working Print Masters of Willmar will work together making it possible for members to have their choice. Following the July 2014 meeting, K. Onnen and T. Frazee met to discuss the procedure to set up digital electronic mailing. T. Frazee presented this to the Board for question/answer period. The Board asked if through electronic media that we might have K. Onnen attend the meeting via computer in September. W. Dahlen stated he would setup the conference call at the Board meeting.

Discussion was held about the Kandiyohi County AIS Committee, funding for it, how will the funds be working for the Green Lake along with other lakes, not be put into administration of the program. Green Lake is looking at assistance with the Milfoil program, the Zebra Mussel program, workers of the program, plus other ideas. These will be discussed at the September meeting, again.

B. Schweitzer stated he had met with Bill/Ann Latham about memorial monies in honor of Paul Latham. Suggestions for the memorial were discussed with ideas to come from the Latham family. This memorial would be an on going memorial rather than a one time donation. B. Schweitzer will meet with the Latham family to ask for their suggestions, reporting back at the September meeting.

Articles for the September issue of the Green Lake Breeze are asked to be handed to T. Frazee by the 25th of August 2014. This will be the last issue for the 2014 year.

Motion by S. Linder, seconded by H. Lange to adjourn. Motion carried.