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The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Green Lake property Owners Association was called to order at 8:45 a. m. by Chairperson Jamie Duininck. A court of 103 members and guests were present.

President Duininck welcomes member sand thanked the Green Lake Bible Camp for hosting the Annual Meeting provide an excellent hot breakfast to all who attended. A special thank you was given to Head Cook, Joan, and her staff.

Chairperson Duininck introduced the guests present for the Annual Meeting: Senator Lyle Koenen, Rep. Mary Sawatzky, Nick Brown of the D.N.R., Margaret Johnson Administrator of the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District, Kandiyohi County Representative Dean Shuck, Kandiyohi County Sheriff Dan Hartog, and Kandiyohi County Attorney Shane Baker.

Chairperson Duininck presented the minutes for the Annual Meeting of Saturday, 15 June 2013, as written and published in the June 2014 Green Lake Breeze, which is mailed to all Green Lake Members. Motion was made, seconded, to approve the minutes as mailed out. Motion carried.

T. Frazee presented the treasurers report for the past fiscal year which showed the fund balance for each

Fund as:

General Fund $4,899.73
Patrol Fund $498.18
Fishing Fund $ .00
Aquatic Invasive Fund $ .00
Total Fund Balance $5,397.91

 Motion made, seconded to approve the treasurer"s report for the year. Motion carried.



Chairperson Duininck reported to the gathered members of the Partnership of the GLPOA, the City of Spicer, the Middle Fork Crow River, and Kandiyohi County. The GLPOA purchased a LANDA POWER WASHING/HOT WATER WASHER which was donated to the City of Spicer. The Middle Fork Crow River has hired workers for the summer months while the City of Spicer will assume responsibility for the machine, maintenance, and fuel to operate. D.N. R. Representative, Nick Brown stated that Green Lake and Kandiyohi County are far ahead of any other counties in the State. Chairperson Duininck stated, as far as we know, we are the only lake organization which has purchased a power washing machine, which meets all the Standards of the State of Minnesota in the control of Zebra Mussels.



Chairperson Duininck called upon Board Member B. Schweitzer to explain the concern of the Board regarding the name of "GREEN LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION." B. Schweitzer explained to the attendees that the Board wished to be inclusive for all people who are interested in Green Lake. The Board has discussed the change of GLPOA to Green Lake Area Association which would allow people other than property owners to belong to the association. Discussion was held on the floor regarding the change of name. We must be able to provide a name that is "not in use" by the State of Minnesota. A motion was made to change the name, as approved by the Board of Directors. Upon a vote, the Chairperson decided the polling showed a very close change, so the change of the Green Lake Property Owners Association has been tabled for the Board to study the same, bringing it back to the membership at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Chairperson Duininck stated the Board is also looking into changing the way the Green Lake Breeze is provided to the membership. Beginning in 2015 fiscal year, membership will be given the opportunity to receive the BREEZE with hard copy or electronic edition. It was asked that membership notify the Secretary if they change their email address during the year as that is the only way the Board will be able to have copies sent.

Board Member, Bob Schemel discuss the Eurasian Water Milfoil program for 2014 year. In 2013 year we treated, twice, a total of 7.9 acres. B. Schemel felt that this number of acres will be reduced once the final study is completed. Question was asked to the chemical which is used. In 2011, the D.N.R. approved Renovate OTF, while in 2012 and 2013 we changed to Renovate "Max G" which is a stronger chemical, as both are approved by the Minnesota D.N.R. Mr. Schemel informed the group that the application for two treatments has been approved the Minnesota D. N.R.



Chairman J. Duininck introduced Kandiyohi County Sheriff, Dan Hartog, to explain the NO WAKE ZONE which has been put in place by his office. Sheriff Hartog explained to the members of the Annual Meeting, that according to MN Statute, he may place a Water Restriction for a period of no more than 30 days. With the high water mark, there has been major damage to the shoreline of all property within Kandiyohi County. The Sheriff stated he would have three Deputy"s patrol of the thirteen lakes to enforce this statue of NO WAKE ZONE. If you are given a ticket, you may be subject to $140.00 Civil fine. The Sheriff asked everyone to use common sense when in your boat, jet ski, or pontoon for the next 30 days. Sheriff Hartog informed those present that signs at each of the 50 boat access in Kandiyohi have been posted stating the lake has a NO WAKE ZONE. The high water mark is within 4 inches of the all-time high, which was in 1986.

The Sheriff also explained to the assembly that there is strict enforcement for boats "not to have plugs in" while moving from one lake to another. The fine for a boat traveling with the "plug" in is $100.00. D.N.R. Representative, Nick Brown, stated that Kandiyohi County is very lucky to have Commissioners and law enforcement who are protecting the lakes.

Chairperson J. Duininck introduced the Green Lake Lobbyist, Bruce Kleven who has represented Green Lake in St. Pau during the legislative session. Mr. Kleven thanked Rep. Mary Sawatzky (D-Willmar) and Senator Lyle Koenen (D-Clara City) for their outstanding work in the legislative session to assist Green Lake.

The final bill, which Senator Koenen served on in the conference committee, approved AIS funding to each county in Minnesota based upon the number of watercraft launch points and watercraft trier parking spaces. This money was placed in the tax bill for this year, 2013. The bill modifies the current county aid program and use of state tax aid proceeds by proving $10 million for all 87 counties. The estimated annual revenue in Kandiyohi County is $128,000 per year ($256,000) for a bi-ennui) based upon 48 trailer launches and 576 parking spaces. Best of all, this funding approach completely bypasses the DNR and allows for local government involvement. Green Lake decontamination efforts cod comes from this pot of money. This is an ongoing tax bill which will be removed only, and when, the legislatures vote it out.

The dedicated sales tax funding bill provides $4.040 million to the DNR for an agreements with the Central Minnesota Initiative Fund to develop a series of pilot projects to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, including inspection and decontamination, education and outreach, and enforcement. Green Lake Funding project can also come from this pot of money.

Questions were asked about Sea Planes, the inspection of. DNR stated planes are inspected as boats are. Funding for the University of Minnesota for a total of $8.6 million dollars.

Chairperson J. Duininck introduced the new slate of Board Candidates for 2014 year to 2017. Those nominated are:

Being no further nominations, a motion was made, seconded to place the following up for Board Member Position for a 3 year term. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourned, second and passed. Annual Meeting was adjourned.