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REGULAR MEETING - 18 AUGUST 2012 - 8:00 A. M.

The Regular Monthly meeting for August, 2012, was called to order by President J. Duininck.

Members present were: J. Duininck, B. Aamot, D. Gunderson, G. Holmstrom, T. Johnson, S. Linder, V. Sechler, B. Schemel, R. Schneider, and T. Frazee

Member who called in saying they would not be able to attend: B. Carlson.

Member Absent: T. Lange.

There were no guests present for the meeting. The agenda was approved with four (4) additional items listed as 7.6 Noise from Zorbaz"s in Spicer, 7.7 Salisbury Beach (County Park # 4), 7.8 Resignation of Bob Carlson from the Board of Directors from New London Township, and 7.9 Letter from Kyle Sietsema of Haug Implement asking for permission to use the Green Lake Program for Treatment within their brochure/newsletters. Motion to accept the change in agenda plus the written agenda was accepted and approved.

The minutes of the 21 July 2012 meeting were approved by motion of D. Gunderson, seconded by B. Aamot, Motion carried.

Treasurer D. Gunderson presented the monthly statement for August for approval. Expense for August totaled $1,578.27 with revenue being $1,500.05, showing a balance in the check book of $798.54.

Motion by T. Johnson, seconded by S. Linder to approve the financial for August 2012. Motion carried.



Communications was received from A. Latham regarding the article in the August BREEZE stating she disagreed with the five day drying period as set forth by the DNR. Discussion was held regarding boat washing, the State of Minnesota"s program. Information is on file. The Board felt we are doing everything we are able to do at the time to protect Green Lake.





Discussion was held of membership within the Green Lake Property Owners Association. T. Frazee showed the number of 09.01.11 versus 08.18.12 for comparison. No action was taken.

R. Schneider and T. Frazee wrote a letter to the candidates for County Commissioner from District 4, plus Senate and House of Representatives position. Three questions were asked to each candidate: (1) What is your plan to present the spread of invasive species? Please be as specific as possible, (2) What amount of state and/or county funding is appropriate to stopping the spread of Invasive Species? And (3) What do you propose as the source of this funding and would you work "aggressively" to acquire this fund? The responses will be placed in the September issue of the Breeze.



T. Frazee presented information to the Board of the Minnehaha Creek Coalition which presented a program to the Minnehaha Creek Water Shed District regarding Boat Access, how to handle them, pressure wash boats, etc. Total cost for the package for the first year would be $2.4 million dollars. No action has been taken by the Minnehaha Water Shed District.

B. Schemel, R. Schneider, and T. Frazee will attend the Green Lake Township Board meeting and the Irving Township Board Meeting the last weeks of August to ask for some discussion about Boat access on Green Lake. At the present time, on Green Lake, we have six public boat accesses plus one private.

Report will be given to the Board at the September meeting.

J. Duininck and R. Schneider reported about the citizens" adversary committee which will be chaired by Mike O"Brien. This committee will study A.I.S., use of lakes, boat access along with treatment of Zebra Mussels. Discussion was held about the news release on TV"s the past two nights of treatment in Lake Carlos, near Alexandria. T. Frazee reminded the Board that we had the developer of Zequanox in Spicer for an open meeting one year ago. Dr. Dan Malloy spoke to over 50 residents of Green Lake plus other lakes in Kandiyohi County. This presentation was also on RAC channel many times. The committee will continue to meet each month with all questions/conditions being on the table.

T. Frazee reported that the Winter Patrol program will begin on 01 October 2012. Those who sign up, must be signed up by 15 September 2012, will receive patrol twice a month for six months will receive a post card that their home has been checked.

Articles for the September Green Lake Breeze are due by Friday, 24 August 2012.

Discussion about the noise (Bands and outside) were discussed as the Board Members have received complaints during this summer. President J. Duininck will address this with his column within the Green Lake Breeze.

Discussion was held about the beach at County Park # 4, Salisbury Beach, regarding the bottles on the beach, dead fish, goose droppings, plus dog droppings. T. Frazee was asked to send a letter to the Kandiyohi County Commissioners plus the Administrator about these conditions.

A letter of resignation was received from B. Carlson about serving on the Board of Directors. Motion by D. Gunderson to accept the resignation, seconded by T. Johnson. Motion carried. The Board felt they would not appoint anyone to this position at this time, with only one meeting remaining for this year. The Board will appoint a replacement to take B. Carlson"s position during the spring of 2013. This person will serve the remainder of this position which will be until 30 June 2014.

A letter was received from Kyle Sietsema, of Haug Implement Company of Willmar asking permission to use the Green Lake program of milfoil treatment within their publications, that cover the precision farming industry, plus to show other John Deere products may be used other than within the farming industry. The Board approved that Kyle Sietsema of Haug Implement Company, of Willmar, Minnesota may use our workings as long as notification is given that this is being used by the Green Lake Property Owners Association.  Haug Implement has been very cooperative in working with us, as we now have the entire lake mapped for Eurasian Water milfoil. GPS components allows the pontoon to steer itself to each "patch of Milfoil" on the lake. The Board is very happy with our workings with Haug Implement.

Motion by J. Duininck, seconded by D. Gunderson to enter into this agreement with Haug Implement. Motion carried.

Meeting to adjourn with the September meeting scheduled for Saturday, 15 September 2012, at DEIDRA'S at 8:00 a.m.