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REGULAR MEETING  -  26  MAY  2012  -  8:00 A. M.

The Regular Monthly Meeting for May 2012, was called to order by President J. Duininck.

Members present were:  B. Aamot, D. Gunderson, T. Johnson, T. Lange, R. Schneider, and R. Stehn.

Members who called in saying they would be absent:  B. Carlson, T. Lieser, V. Sechler, and B. Schemel.

There were no guests present for the meeting.

Motion by D. Gunderson, seconded by R. Schneider to approve the agenda as mail out.  Motion carried.

Motion by B. Aamot, seconded by T. Johnson to approve the minutes of  the regular 28 April Board meeting as mailed to all Board members.   Motion carried.

Treasurer D. Gunderson presented the financial matters to the for the Month of May 2012, showing the following receipts/disbursements.

Also present to the GLPOA Board is the account for the STOP ZEBRA MUSSELS showing a positive balance of $1,765.60.    This account is not part of the GLPOA funds, but a separate organization.

Motion by R. Schneider, seconded by T. Johnson to approve the financial report for May 2012.  Motion carried.



No correspondence has been received in the past thirty (30) days.



No communications has been received in the past thirty (30) days.





T. Frazee stated that he had visited with Dave Coahran, the Minnesota DNR Area Fisheries Supervisor

About the four (4) fishing tournaments to be held on Green Lake during the summer of 2012.   Green Lake

Fishing Tournaments will be held before any tournaments on "infested lakes" in Minnesota.   During the summer of 2011, the Green Lake Board approved a donation of $100.00 for each fishing tournament that had their boats/trailers power washed by approved DNR equipment.    Motion by B. Aamot, seconded by T. Johnson that the Green Lake Property Owners Association will donate $100.00 to the group, if this is matched by their group to be given as a donation.   But the fishing group must match the $100.00 gift.  Motion carried.

D.  Gunderson discussed the gift of $10,020.00 to the Spicer Beautification Committee for the Deck which will be built on the shore in Spicer.   The deck is required to be handicapped accessible.   The dedication for

This deck will be on 22 June 2012.

D. Gunderson discussed a Fund Raiser to assist with A.I.S. projects.  After discussion, it was the feeling of the GLPOA that we did not wish to copy the Spicer Beautification Committee program.  

T. Frazee discussed with the GLPOA Board the service for Patrol during the summer of 2012 - 2013.   Chad Anderson has agreed to do the patrol for this coming winter for the fee of $2,500.00.  Motion by R. Stehn, seconded by D. Gunderson for approval of C. Anderson at the fee of $2,500.  Motion carried.



R. Schneider presented information to the Board that a Memorandum of Understanding concerning cooperation and joint program between Minnesota DNR, Kandiyohi County, and GLPOA to prevent spread of Aquatic Invasive Species during he 2012 season was discussed and approved.    T. Frazee organized a meeting of  B. Schemel and R. Schneider from the GLPOA Board, D. Coahran (Fishing Supervisor of DNR),  L. Hanson, Mn. Conservation officer,  Skip Wright, District Manager of D.N.R.,  N. Brown,

A. I. S. Specialist of the DNR., E. Freeman Tier I and Tier II Supervisor of the DNR,   and Sheriff D. Hertog, Kandiyohi County Sheriff.  Topics of discussion were: (1) not all boats will be inspected for possible AIS contamination.   Sheriff Hartog will provide a minimum of 40 hours of inspection which will be coordinated with DNR.   Inspections will be designated either Tier one or Tier two, with tier one consisting of inspections only and tier two incorporating both boat and accessory decontamination capability.    The DNR, through two grants written by the GLPOA Board, will provide 460 hours of tier one inspection plus 81 hours of tier two service.   During peak periods of fishing activity, such as June 17 - 23 and July 4 - July 7 tier two service will be held for all boats.  

R. Schneider presented a map of the State of Minnesota of which lakes are infested with zebra mussels.

On July 13, 14, and 15, Tier Two will be enforced for the sailing regatta.   All inspections are expected to occur prior to water entry by watercraft.   The DNR will be at every fishing tournament which require a DNR issued permit.   The GLPOA was very happy with this MOU, of which Conservation Officers will be present at the access, also.

D. Gunderson  asked the Board to authorize R. Jansen and B. Halgren  to assist him in the audit of the books, which is a routine matter each year.  Motion by R. Stehn, second by B. Aamot to approve.  Motion carried.

T. Frazee informed the Board an application for a $3,000.00 grant to the Kandiyohi County Water Quality Board was submitted for assistance is payment for AIS on Green Lake.

President J. Duininck informed the Board of the Annual Meeting scheduled for Saturday, 09 at the Green Lake Bible Camp will begin with a full breakfast at 8:15 a. m..  The annual meeting will begin, no later than 9:00 a. m..   Mr. Bruce Kleven, GLPOA Lobbyist, will be the main speaker discussion of the 2012 legislative session, with a question/answer period.

The Board approved the following as candidates for three year term to the GLPOA Board.

Motion by R. Stehn, seconded by B. Aamot for donation of $1,000.00 to the Spicer 4th of July Fireworks program on Green Lake.  Motion carried.

T. Frazee discuss a new AIS plant which is making it way to the mid west.  It is known as Hydrilla.   The

Board will continue to watch this new AIS, asking the Executive Secretary to write an article within THE BREEZE.

Regular June meeting scheduled for Saturday, 30 June at DEIDRA'S in Spicer beginning at 8:00 a. m.

D. Gunderson stated to the Board that in 2011, we had decided to purchase a new printer for the Executive Secretary  which was approved.   For 2012 the Board suggested a new lap top computer.   Motion by B. Aamot, second by T. Johnson the Executive Secretary purchase a new lap top computer not to exceed $1,000.00.   Motion carried.

D. Gunderson suggested to the Board that the salary of the Executive Secretary be raised $25.00 per month or $300.00 for the fiscal year.   D. Gunderson made the motion, seconded by R. Schneider, approved by the Board.   Motion carried.

Meeting Adjourned