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The 2011 Annual Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by Chairperson, Kelly TerWisscha. A count of 117 members and guests were present.

President TerWisscha welcomed members and thanked the Green Lake Bible Camp for hosting the Annual Meeting and providing the excellent breakfast, for each.

Kandiyohi County Commissioners Dean Shuck, Dennis Peterson, and Richard Larson were introduced along with Minnesota Representative Bruce Vogel. All board Members were introduced by Chairperson TerWisscha.

Also introduced were DNR field workers Joe Eisterhold and Cory Griffin., Sheriff Deputy Rob Twedt of the Kandiyohi County Sheriff"s office. Larry Hanson, C.O. from the State of Minnesota was also introduced.

President TerWisscha presented the minutes for the annual meeting of Saturday, 19 June 2010, as shown in the June issue of the Green Lake Breeze. Motion was made, seconded to approve the minutes as mailed out to all lake owners. Motion carried.

Treasurer Dick Gunderson presented the financial statement of conditions for the 06.01.10 to 05.31.11.

Treasurer Gunderson had an audit committee of two past Presidents - Ralph Jansen and Bruce Halgren look at the total monies of the organization. Mr. Gunderson stated the books are in good shape. Motion to approve the Treasurers report was moved, seconded, Motion carried.



Ron Schneider explained to the membership of the ZAP THE ZEBRA program. Gave the history of how this program began in the fall of 2010, the Board had a committee of Ron Schneider, Greg Roverud, Bob Schemel, and Jamie Duininck to interview four candidates for the possible position of a lobbyist to represent Green Lake interest in stopping Zebra Mussels. Mr. Schneider explained how the letters went to membership asking for donations to pay the $25,000.00 fee which we would need to raise. Ron thanked the membership of GLPOA who contributed to this cause, as we did raise, with private donations the total amount. Ron stated this program would be an ongoing program for the following years.

Ann Latham explained the LAKE WATCH program, of those who have volunteered to serve in this capacity for 2011 year. If anyone would see Eurasian Water Milfoil, please contact one of those who have agreed to serve a lake captain for the year, or you may contact Ann Latham, Roger Sowder, or Bob Schemel. This program was placed in the June issue of the Green lake Breeze, as to who your Team Captain is. Please track any new growth of milfoil on Green Lake, calling your captain.



Chairperson Kelly TerWisscha explained to the membership of the cooperation which the Green Lake Property Owners Association has with the Little Crow Anglers plus the Bass Fishing members of Kandiyohi County. The State of Minnesota, under Luke Skinner"s leadership, did bring a self contained power washer to Green Lake for demonstration. Both the Walleye Fishing people and the Bass Fishing people of Kandiyohi County will participate with this program.

We are looking for volunteers for the upcoming Bass Tournament which is scheduled for the week of June 22 to the 25th. Volunteers are needed to show the owners of the Boat how to power wash their fishing boats. Times needed are 5:00 to 7:00 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Also in the morning of those days from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. Volunteers are to call Executive Secretary Terry W. Frazee to volunteer.

President TerWisscha explained that DNR official Joe Eisterhold was on Green Lake this past Thursday to check for milfoil within Green Lake. Joe will be putting together a map of the lake of which treatment will begin soon after it is received. Board Member Bob Schemel is in charge of the Lake Treatment program for 2011 year. Our plan is to treat once in the summer and once in the fall.

President TerWisscha stated Green Lake was sprayed for tent caterpillar worms on the 26th of May. We have not had any reports of worms on the lake but other lakes are having heavy infestation. President TerWisscha stated the spraying is part of your $50.00 dues.



Board Member Jamie Duininck introduced Mr. Bruce Kleven who was hired by the STOP ZEBRA MUSSEL committee to serve as AIS Lobbyist in St. Paul during the current session.

Mr. Kleven spoke of the legislative process in St. Paul, how different groups have a different thought about their concerns in St. Paul, the Democrats vs. the Republicans. The history of elected officials in the Governor's office in the past four elections.

Bruce stated that within the AIS area, going into the session, only $1.0 million had been allocated for the two year period. Leadership of Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen " of Alexandria and House leader Dennis McNamara " of Hastings helped with changing the allocation to $15.2 million over the next two years.

Changes in the bill are to empty the bait buckets, change water within the bait buckets, drain your boat, drain plugs must be removed as your travel from lake to lake.

Also given permission to the Commissioner of Natural Resources that s/he "may" require to have all boats power washed prior to/after fishing tournaments. The Commissioner has the authority to do so. The Green Lake Board, through the Executive Secretary has sent a letter to Commissioner Landwehr asking for this "may" to "will" on all tournaments, especially those on Green Lake. This part of the bill was introduced by Senator Joe Gimse on the floor of the senate, which was adopted.

This bill has been "vetoed" until the Annual Budget is approved by both the House/Senate. The money is there, according to Bruce Kleven, but will not be released until the budget is finalized, or we will have State shutdown on 01 July 2011.

Other items within the bill are water related equipment whereas in the past it had to do with boats only. It greatly expands everything with water safety/fishing/all boats/jet ski. Right now, there is too much "officer stuff" in regulations.

Larry Hanson C.O. was introduced to the membership as he spoke about changes in the law, especially within Bait buckets, wording of the bill is a very big part along with education for everyone. Larry Hanson is responsible for 37 counties during the summer period of boating crafts.

Joe Eisterhold spoke of all dock installers, boat lift installers, will need to be certified before they are allowed to do these things. This training was scheduled for May, postponed, and now scheduled for July 2011.

Joe also spoke of Zebra Mussels within Douglas County, the impact which it has upon them.

There were many questions for Bruce Kleven regarding politics within St. Paul, the workings of those in St. Paul, etc. Talked about Legacy Monies, fishing tournaments, number of boat access on Green Lake (6 total now), cooperation of Kandiyohi County officials.

Four Board Members were placed into nomination for a three year period. Motion to accept the following was made for these as listed:

Motion was second. Motion carried for the above for three year terms.

Question from the floor was asked about the high water mark on Green Lake. Joe Eisterhold will speak with Skip Wright getting back to the person who asked the question, Leonard Rossell.

President TerWisscha thanks the local business who provided door Prizes for the annual meeting, those being: Big Kahuna, Green Lake Liquors, Heritage Bank of Spicer, Jahnke Foods of Spicer, Jim Olson"s McDonalds in Willmar, Spicer American Legion Club, and the Oaks at Eagle Ridge (Melvins).

Being no further business, the 2011 Annual Meeting for the Green Lake Property Owners Association was adjourned.

Terry W. Frazee, Executive Secretary                        Kelly TerWisscha, President