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A Special Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was held via conference telephone on Tuesday, 30 November 2010, at 1:00 P. M. Central Standard Time.

Those present were: President Kelly TerWisscha, R. Schneider, V. Sechler, G. Roverud, D. Gunderson, B. Aamot, and Executive Secretary T. Frazee.

The business, at hand, was GLPOA as to how to handle the fight with Zebra Mussels.

R. Schneider has contacted Bruce Kleven, Attorney at Law (Lobbyist) as to his thoughts of the GLPOA hiring a person of his concern working at the State Capitol on behalf of Green Lake. Mr. Kleven stated the monies for this session may already be spent; there is LSARD monies available, that also the new legislators would welcome the opportunity to introduce new bills for this session.

Discussion was held about contacts with Dean Urdahl who will be the chairperson of the House Natural Resource Committee this session.

Discussion was held as to how to find dollars from GLPOA members. Ron S. stated he was not able to get a firm commitment from Mr. Kleven as to what his cost would be but thought "$50,000 would go a long way."

R. Schneider made the motion "The GLPOA Board of Directors should undertake the raising of funds to start to finance the project of "Zap the Zebras". The motion was seconded by V. Sechler.

Discussion was held as follows:

D. Gunderson asked the following questions which he felt should be answered before he would be comfortable with a position vote, i.e. (1) A preliminary draft or outline of legislation we would like introduced and passed, (2) A proposed set of "marching orders" for the lobbyist, (3) Identification of the lobbyist we would retain, a meeting with him/her to obtain a commitment and assessment of how to move forward along with estimate of costs, (4) Commitment of GLPOA Board to gain support of at least ten other lake associations, and (5) a plan and timetable for raising required funds.

G. Roverud had a position paper of the A.I.S. committee of the Green Lake Property Owners Association which may be called to meet again.

Others concerns of the Board were: (1) funding for legislation, (2) what are the details we are looking for, (3) cleaning of all boats prior to entering or leaving infested waters, (4) we are not looking at closing all boat access, (5) Fishing Tournaments on Green Lake, (6) Inspections at boat landing by qualified people who have authority to inspect, (7) a surcharge for all boats with the dollars going to fight A.I.S.

The call for the question was made with the vote showing those in favor of the GLPOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS SHOULD UNDERTAKE THE RAISING OF FUNDS TO START TO FINACE THE PROJECT OF ZAP THE ZEBRA. B. Aamot -yes, D. Gunderson - no, G. Roverud - yes, V. Sechler - yes, R. Schneider - yes, Motion carried. The Board has received permission to start fund raising for the project.

President K. TerWisscha will call for another conference call meeting next week.

Meeting Adjourned