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 The Regular Board Meeting for September 2010 was called to order by Vice Chairperson Ron Schneider. Members present were: D. Gunderson, T. Lieser, R. Minke, G. Roverud, B. Schemel, R. Stehn, and T. Frazee.

Absent with call in was: V. Sechler, K. TerWisscha, and J. Duininck.

Absent: B. Aamot.

Being no change in the agenda, it was approved as mailed to all Board Members. 

Motion by B. Schemel, second by D. Gunderson to approve the minutes of the regular Meeting, 21 August 2010. Motion carried. 

Treasurer D. Gunderson presented the financial statement for September 2010.

Motion by R. Stehn, seconded by G. Roverud to approve the financial report.

T. Frazee mentioned that the pass through monies to the Green Lake Fishing Fund ($1,590.00) and the MN Waters Fund ($1,860.00) have been mailed to their Treasurers.


Copy of the letter from the Green Lake Bible Camp was presented to each Board Member thanking the Green Lake Property Owners Association for the donation of $200.00. The Board held the Annual Meeting at the Bible Camp plus the Dick Sternberg presentation.



Chairperson Ron Minke did not have a report.




Chairperson T. Lieser, again reminded the Board of the Web Page which has many interesting articles within.




Chairperson G. Roverud stated the chemical for fall treatment is here. Treatment will begin sometime during the week of 20 September.

B. Schemel talked about using a pipe with a sock on the end to hit small patches rather than broadcasting the chemical.




Chairperson R. Stehn report on the repairs that are made within the system. In the coming months there will be an expansion to the treatment plant.




No Report




Chairperson B. Schemel questioned the possibility of bringing a milfoil cutter on the lake to cut the large patches.

T. Frazee stated it might do more harm than good as the small Cut patches could float away starting additional milfoil.

T. Frazee presented information to the Board to the possible Grant which Middle Fork Crow River is preparing to the State. The grant includes work on the north side of the lake regarding run off directly to the lake, Park Lane Resort, plus work on the parking lot at the Green Lake Bible Camp.

The Watershed District is looking for donation for five projects on the lake. Frazee stated the Board has not received this information as yet. The Watershed District asked if $2,500.00 might be a reasonable donation. No action was taken as this is just an application.



D. Gunderson spoke to the Board about yearend donations to organizations which would benefit Green Lake Property Owners. A committee met with D. Gunderson to present the gifts for the 2010/2011 year as follows:

  1.  $10,000 gift to the Spicer Beautification Committee to provide for a handicap walking deck within the city of Spicer. These monies were given to the Green Lake Property Owners Association in memory of a spouse. This person approved of the project. The total cost will be $17,000, of which the GLPOA donation will not be made until all monies are received.

  2.  $500.00 gift to the Spicer Commercial Club for the 2011 Fireworks display.

  3.  $500.00 to MN Waters for the continued fight with A.I.S. programs.

  4.  $1,000 to the Spicer First Responders to purchase a defibrillator machine.

Motion by D. Gunderson, second by R. Stehn to approve these donations. Motion carried. 

Discussion was held about Dick Sternberg presentation, Zebra Mussels. Many questions, suggestions were presented by the Board.

T. Frazee stated that Ann Latham was appointed to a State Board; to meet during the winter months as to what may be done about A.I.S. within the State of Minnesota. 


T. Frazee reported about a committee to study the sales on Green Lake regarding valuations of property for Kandiyohi County. R. Schneider will chair the committee of which he will select members.

T. Frazee reported the Winter Patrol will begin on 01 October 2010 with Chad Anderson in charge 

Motion by R. Stehn, seconded by R. Minke to adjourn.
Motion carried.