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The Regular Board Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order by Chairperson K. TerWisscha.   Members present were B. Aamot, J. Duininck, T. Lieser, G. Roverud, R. Schneider, V. Sechler, B. Schemel, and T. Frazee

Absent with call in was D. Gunderson, R. Minke, and R. Stehn.

Chairperson K. TerWisscha welcomed new Board Member B. Schemel for the start of his three year term.   Chairperson TerWisscha asked Mr. Schemel to ask any/all questions which he might have during the year...

Motion B. Schemel, second by B. Aamot the minutes of the Regular Meeting 15 May 2010 was approved.  Motion carried.

Motion by R. Schneider, seconded by T. Lieser the minutes of the Annual Meeting on 19 June 2010 was approved.   Motion carried.

The Board did not have a quorum for the regular meeting of 26 June 2010, so no action was taken.

D. Gunderson was absent from the meeting so the Audit review plus the recommendations from the audit committee will be looked at during the August meeting.

T. Frazee presented the Treasurers report for July 2010.

Motion by B. Aamot, second by G. Roverud to approve the financial conditions for the month of July, 2010.    Motion carried.


Chairperson K. TerWisscha presented information from Luke Skinner of the DNR regarding our concerns of AIS potential on/within Green Lake.

Mr. Skinner stated the watercraft inspection staff now has total permission to pass out the ZAP THE ZEBRA MUSSEL brochures to all boaters as inspections take place on Green Lake.

The DNR will cover all fishing tournaments with watercraft inspectors for Green Lake for 2010.  Also included will be Kandiyohi County Tournaments.  The tournament on 14 August 2010 will be a large tournament so DNR plans to have 2 inspectors present.

The DNR has some concerns over the signs at the Boat Access but will be working with the Executive Secretary.  As of this meeting, he has not received a letter regarding their concerns.

Phase 2 Stakeholder meetings will be organized about the State of Minnesota.  Green Lake Property Owners Association will be assured of at least one representative.


CATERPILLAR: No Report, have not received any complaints to the spraying.
EDUCATION: No Report, but T. Lieser reported that a nine foot towing raft has been found.  It is listed on the LOST/FOUND section of the web page.
LAKE MANAGEMENT: G. Roverud reported that the committee is concerned about three (3) basic concerns within Green Lake, such as (1) Zebra Mussels, (2) Milfoil, and (3) Sedimentation coming into the Lake, especially on the north side but also from Alvig"s Slough.   The article in the July issue of the Green Lake Breeze shows that the water should not have more than 19 ppb phosphorus within the lake.  In 2008 we had 16 pbb many of  Green Lake people know that excess phosphorus  in the lake encourages algae growth, too much algae in the lake affects the aesthetic and water quality properties.  In 2002, the goal of less than 19 pbb was set as the water quality goal.  We need to stop phosphate fertilizer with plants/lawns.

Chairperson Roverud stated that funding for Milfoil and Zebra Mussels is under-funded within the State of Minnesota.

J. Duininck said 8,900 people were at the Street Dance in Spicer, that by 10:00 a. m. the streets were cleaned keeping the sediment from running into the lake.

J. Duininck, also stated, that the parade found additional candy, wrappers, plastics which were within the storm sewers which should be cleaned as the streets do not allow these materials to enter the lake.   T. Frazee will contact the City officials plus the Spicer Chamber of Commerce.

T. Frazee suggested to the Board that we invite Dick Sternberg back to make his presentation to County Officials, City Council Members, Township Board Members, Kandiyohi County Water Sheds (3 of them), plus the Kandiyohi County Water Quality Board to hear the damage which Zebra Mussels will play upon waters, finances, valuations of such.   Motion by T. Lieser, seconded by R. Schneider  $500.00 was approved for this presentation with the stipulation that T. Frazee apply for funding from the Kandiyohi Water Quality Board.   Motion carried.

VARIANCE/TAXATION: K. TerWisscha presented a listing of sales on Green Lake from 2001 to July 2010.   The listing shows the Kandiyohi County Valuation of property on Green Lake along with the buyers" price. 



There was no Old Business



Motion by J. Duininck, seconded by B. Aamot to nominate K. TerWisscha as Chairperson for the 2010/2011 year.  Motion carried.

Motion by G. Roverud, seconded by V. Sechler to nominate R. Schneider as Vice Chairperson for the 2010/2011 year.  Motion carried.

Motion by G. Roverud, seconded by B. Aamot, to nominate J. Duininck as Secretary for the 2010/2011 year.  Motion carried.

Motion by R. Schneider, seconded by V. Sechler to nominate D. Gunderson as Treasurer for the 2010/2011 year.   Motion Carried. 

Committee Assignments for 2010/2011 Year:



1.   T. Frazee



1.        T. Lieser, Chairperson
T. Frazee


1.   G. Roverud, Chairperson
2.   B. Schemel
3.   Bill Latham
4.   Ann Latham
5.   G. Broman
6.   L. Smith
7.   P. Spilseth
8.  T. Frazee



1.   R. Stehn, Chairperson
2.   Jamie Duininck
3.   B. Aamot


1.   K. TerWisscha, Chairperson
2.   J. Duininck 



1.   Bob Schemel, Chairperson
2.   V. Sechler 



T. Frazee presented the Budget for the 2010/2011 year.   After discussion the motion by G. Roverud, seconded by J. Duininck was approved.   Motion carried.

D. Gunderson is waiting for the plans for the park within the City of Spicer for a gift of monies.  This should be presented at the August meeting.   Also discussed were monetary gifts to the Spicer First Responders, the New London Ambulance, and benches/tables around Green Lake.   Will be discussed at the August meeting.

Funding for future years of A.I.S. programs was discussed by R. Schneider and T. Frazee.  As of 01 July, we have had 19.6% of the people donating monies for A.I.S. programs within Green Lake.  The Milfoil program will be a continued program every year.  Discussion was held as to how we will continue to fund the programs such as being (1) Donations from Lake People, (2) Grants from Water Shed District, (3) Grants from the DNR,, (4) Fund Raisers within Green lake, and (5) placing fee upon your tax statement.  After a long discussion, R. Schneider was asked to talk with the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District regarding time tables, etc. while T. Frazee was asked to talk with a fund raising committee.  Information will be brought back to the August meeting.

Discussion was held regarding changing date/time for the Green Lake Property Owners Board Meetings.  The feeling was that they wish to continue meeting the third Saturday of each month April through September.

Discussion was held about the Annual meeting, pros and con"s with the Board hearing only positive statements about the breakfast meeting.   Annual meeting will continue on Saturday for 2011 with breakfast provided for all who attend.

Articles for the Green Lake Breeze will be due on Monday, 03 August 2010.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned motion by T. Lieser, seconded by R. Schneider.  Motion carried.