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SATURDAY, 19 JUNE 2010 - 9:00 A.M.

The 2010 Annual Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order at 9:00 A. M. by Chairperson, Kelly TerWisscha. 118 members and guests were present.

President TerWisscha welcomed members and thanked the Green Lake Bible Camp for hosting our Annual Meeting and providing the excellent breakfast.

Kandiyohi County Commissioners Dean Shuck and Dennis Peterson were introduced along with Minnesota Representative Al Juhnke and Senator Joe Gimse. All Board Members were introduced by Chairperson TerWisscha.

President TerWisscha presented the minutes for the annual meeting of Saturday, 20 June 2009. Motion was made, seconded to approve the minutes as mailed out to all lake owners. Motion carried.

Treasurer Dick Gunderson presented the financial statement of conditions for the 06.01.09 to 05.31.10.

Treasurer Gunderson had an audit committee of two past Presidents. Ralph Jansen and Bruce Halgren looked at the total monies of the organization. Mr. Gunderson stated the books were in good shape. Motion to approve the Treasurer"s report was moved, seconded. Motion carried.

President TerWisscha stated that the GLPOA had received a gift of $10,000.00 to be used within the lake, not for treatment, but for something that would be a lasting statement. The President asked any Members who might have an idea to contact any Board Member.


Executive Secretary, Terry W. Frazee, presented the LAKE MANAGEMENT program for Board Member Greg Roverud who could not attend the annual meeting. Frazee explained that the DNR has approved the Green Lake Vegetation Management Plan until the year 2014. This plan allows Green Lake to treat for milfoil twice a year on spots which the DNR approves. The DNR has just completed their spring survey of milfoil and found 8.680 acres. This will be an ongoing program for Green Lake each year. The Lake Management committee talked about purchasing a pontoon but after exploring insurance, storage, etc. it was felt we could rent a pontoon from a boat dealership each year. The inlet Partnership submitted an extensive 2 year plan to the Legislature to addre43ss the concerns we have about storm water runoff. That runoff is polluting the water, adding excessive nutrients and sediment and is thought to be creating conditions which add to the growth and spread of Eurasian Milfoil. The Green Lake Management committee, with the help of Dick Sternberg, has made attempts for funding through the LCCMR. We are waiting upon this program.

Frazee spoke to the membership about new "younger" people assisting with the work of treatment of Green Lake. We need to make signs, anchors, mark the areas to be treated, than the following morning the treatment program begins! We need volunteers to make this program work.

Board Member Ron Schneider spoke to the membership regarding funding A.I.S. (Aquatic Invasive Species) programs in the future. The Board has explored the possibility of working the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District. We would need to have a petition signed by 25% of the property owners to present to the Water Shed District, than a study would need to be made. Hearing, would be held at a later date. If we used this method, we would not have individuals donate to the control of Eurasian Water Milfoil program on Green Lake. A budget would be presented to the Board of Managers which every property owner on the lake would pay equal amount for the program It was stated that in 2009 year, we had 16% of the people who paid for all the treatment of the lake.

Green Lake is one of ten tournament lakes that the DNR uses during the year. We have asked for all fishing tournaments on Green Lake to cease. However, IF tournaments are held, we would like to be the first lake on the schedule, rather than having participants coming to Green Lake after having fished previously on "infested" lakes. It is against the law to transport any A.I.S. from lake to lake in Minnesota. The Board of Directors will begin to study the funding as mentioned above, but people need to understand that fighting Eurasian Water Milfoil and A.I.S. will be a long term program.

Chairperson Kelly TerWisscha talked about the Zebra Mussels program which we are working on in conjunction with the DNR. Board Member, Jamie Duininck, has made the first contact regarding the Zebra Mussel program. The DNR, Assistant Commissioner Bob Meier and Lake Skinner, will come to Spicer on Monday, 21 June 2010, to meet with the Board of Directors along with Rep. Al Juhnke, Senator Gimse, Kandiyohi County Commissioner Chairperson Richard Falk, and Commissioner Dennis Peterson.

At the present time, "approximately" 50 bodies of lakes, rivers, streams are infested with Zebra Mussels with the lakes of Douglas County (Alexandria) being only 45 miles from Green Lake. We are concerned about fishing tournaments, and urge other lake property owners outside our district to contact their legislative leaders.

Board Member Jamie Duininck asked about Lessard monies of which $75 million dollars is placed for clean water each year as the people voted on this amendment in November 2008. So far, not one penny has been given for waters/AIS program. The question was asked to Senator Gimse and Rep. Juhnke.

Ann Latham and Pauline Spilseth reported on the Lake Watch Program for 2010. They are in need of additional volunteers to assist with the program for the year. Please contact either Pauline or Ann if you are interested.

President TerWisscha spoke to the membership about Boat Congregating along with the safety of such. We are trying to educate the people of going to other places around the lake rather than all sitting in front of one location. A meeting was held with the Kandiyohi County Commissioners, Sheriff Department, DNR personnel, people who come to Green Lake, and people who live on Green Lake. It was decided to try to educate the people to move to the outlet area within the northeast corner of Green Lake.

Ann Latham asked those attending if they would send their email address to the Executive Secretary so contacts which may be needed will be up to date.

Chairperson TerWisscha read Resolution # 5 to the membership asking for their approval.

WHEREAS, the Green Lake Property Owner"s Association did adopt By-Laws for purpose of administrating and regulating the affairs of the Corporation, and

WHEREAS, approximately two (2) years ago, the majority of the Board of Directors of the Green Lake Property Owners Association voted to change the Annual Meeting from the third Friday of June to the third Saturday of June in an attempt to allow more Green Lake Property Owners membership to attend the annual meeting, and

WHEREAS, as a result of the property owners to attend the meeting was within a positive membership meeting and greater participation opportunity for residents around Green Lake, and

WHEREAS, the Green Lake Property Owners Association By-Laws, Article VI, Section 3, currently specifies the Green Lake Property Owners Association Annual Meeting shall be held on the third Friday in June of each year.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Green Lake Property Owners Association that the By-Laws of this Corporation be amended within Article VI, Section 3, stating the Annual Meeting shall be held on the third weekend of June each year.

        ______________________________                     ______________________________
        Terry W. Frazee, Ex. Secretary                             Kelly TerWisscha, Chairperson

Motion was made, seconded, Motion carried.

Chairperson Kelly TerWisscha presented the candidates for the three year position of the Board of Directors as:

Dick Gunderson Irving Township
Ron Minke Irving Township
Bob Schemel New London Township




Motion to approve the three candidates for a three year term beginning 01 July 2010 to 30 June 2013. Motion was seconded, carried.

Being no further business the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was adjourned.