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The Regular meeting of the Green Lake Property Owners Association was called to order by Chairperson K. TerWisscha.  Members present were. J. Duininck, R. Jansen, R. Minke, R. Schneider, V. Sechler, K. TerWisscha, and T. Frazee.

Absent with call in was R. Stehn, P. Spilseth, and D. Gunderson.

Absent: G. Roverud, T. Lieser, and B. Aamot.

No Guests were present for the meeting of said date.

The Agenda for the April meeting was approved by motion of R. Jansen, seconded by V. Sechler. Motion to approve.

Motion by R. Jansen, seconded by R. Minke to approve the minutes of the 19 September 2009 meeting.  Motion to approve.

Motion by J. Duininck, second by R. Jansen to approve the financial report for April 2010.

Motion carried.

T. Frazee suggested to the Board that we change the name of the "Milfoil Fund" to become "A.I.S. Fund". The "Aquatic Invasive Fund" known as A.I.S. would cover Eurasian Water milfoil, Zebra Mussel, and or Spiny water flea. Motion to change fund name to Aquatic Invasive Fund (A.I.S.) by R. Jansen, seconded by V. Sechler. Motion carried. 


There were no public comments received at the meeting.


Chairperson K. TerWisscha has not received any correspondence from outside of the Board. 


CATERPILLAR: Chairperson R. Minke reported he has been in contact with TeryJon Aviation regarding spraying for worms in May 2010. Cost will remain the same as 2009, with spraying being earlier due to the early spring. We will announce the date of spraying with the local media.
EDUCATION/WEB PAGE: The Board would like to invite Public Work Director, Gary Danielson to the May meeting to discuss water costs, repairs within Green Lake. T. Frazee will invite Mr. Danielson for the meeting, scheduled for Saturday, 15 May.

J. Duininck asked about street sweeping around Green Lake. T. Frazee explained that when the Sewer/Water Project was completed Green Lake asked that the road around the lake be swept six times with the first time before Memorial Day, over the 4th of July, Labor Day, after the leaves fall. The other times depending upon conditions of the road around the lake.
LAKE MANAGEMENT: Chairperson G. Roverud has an article to be published in the May Green Lake Breeze regarding the Inlet Project.
SEWER AND WATER: Chairperson R. Stehn was not able to be present for the Meeting. The Board asked T. Frazee to invite Public Works Director, Gary Danielson to the May meeting to discuss rates/water loss within Green Lake.
VARIANCE/TAXATION: Chairperson K. TerWisscha presented information to the Board of Taxation within the Green Lake.

No Variances have been reported to him.
WATER QUALITY/DNR: Chairperson R. Jansen presented information to the Board of nine (9) fishing tournaments on Green Lake for the summer of 2010. Jansen informed the Board that last year we had four tournaments, wrote a letter to the DNR asking to limit tournaments until a plan for Zebra Mussel was presented, but instead of that we have added additional tournaments for 2010. R. Jansen presented a copy of fishing inspections of boats for all boats coming to Green Lake for 2010.

R. Jansen also reported that we have a grant in place for 414 additional hours of boat access inspectors for 2010 plus the hours which we already have. This additional cost to the GLPOA will be $2,414.00 for the year.

R. Jansen passed out a flyer which will cost about $500.00 to be placed in the membership letter explaining what Zebra Mussel may do to Green Lake.


No Old Business came to the Board for this meeting.


Discussion was held about the Inlet Project which was presented to the legislators for the 2010 year. Lessard monies was discussed, also.  V. Sechler was concerned about the Alvig Slough coming into Green Lake. The sediment is very heavy coming into Green Lake. Question was asked about the holding ponds located to the west side of the water coming forth to the lake from Alvig"s Slough. T. Frazee will talk to Public Works Director Gary Danielson about this project.

 R. Schneider discussed the Middle Fork Crow River Aquatic Invasive Species Committee composed of Ruth Schaefer, Ron Schneider, Ann Latham, and Greg Roverud.   This committee working with the Kandiyohi County Lakes Association along with the Middle Fork Crow River Water Shed District hired Dick Sternberg to research A. I. S. with a power point presentation.  The purpose of this is to Educate people plus boat inspections.

 R. Schneider presented information about the training of Sheriff"s Deputies, Boat inspections at County Park, increased boat inspissations at all accesses, provide training for volunteer workers at boat access.  Green Lake people will need to stop up to the plate to volunteer for boat inspections for the summer of 2010

R. Schneider agreed to write a letter to the DNR regarding the number of fishing tournaments allocated for Green Lake. Discussion was held about having a Press Conference about boats coming from "infested lakes" to "non infested lakes" inviting the news media, DNR officials, local legislative people, plus County Commissioners, City Officials. This will be discussed later.

K. TerWisscha discussed the meeting with County Officials regarding Congregation of Boats on Green Lake.  The County will place mooring buoys near the outlet on the northeast side of the lake for boats to tie to. Information will be presented to people entering the lake to use this area.

Discussion was held regarding the Green Lake Property Owners Association meeting scheduled for Saturday, 19 June 2010 at the Green Lake Bible Camp. A breakfast will be served to all who attend at :30 a. m. with the meeting to begin at 9:00 a. m. R. Schneider will contact Dick Sternberg to see if he would be able to have a 20 minute presentation of the Power Points which was provided on Saturday, 17 April 2010.

The first edition of the 2010 Green Lake Breeze will be mailed out on Thursday, 29 April 2010.

The application for treatment of milfoil on Green Lake has been completed, mailed to the New Ulm office for approval. Discussion was held about looking at hiring a professional organization to treat the milfoil in the future.

Motion by R. Jansen, seconded by R. Minke to adjourn. Motion carried.